Full Stack announces WealthBar funding

September 24, 2013


Full Stack is pleased to announce that we participated in funding WealthBar's seed round. We were joined by several co-investors, including [Ed Levinson][el], John & Claire Nicola of [Nicola Wealth Management][nwm], and [Jack Ong][jo].

WealthBar is different in a number of ways. The co-founders, Chris & Tea Nicola, are a husband and wife team. Chris & Tea are creating a unique blend of financial services and web startup. This approach wouldn’t be possible without their background and insight into both sides of this equation.

WealthBar will be making a superior set of investment products available to Canadians and marrying that with transparency, ease of use, and technology.

Financial and payment services are always an area of interest to us at Full Stack. With WealthBar, they are following a well known model of taking an existing model and applying technology to scale and democratize it.

WealthBar will provide fee-based financial advisory investment services (traditionally only available to high net worth individuals) and make it available to mid-market investors. With limited (and low-earning) retail banking being the main option available to Canadians, we’re confident that an easy to use, online-first approach will be attractive.

If you’re interested in learning more about WealthBar, signing up for an in-person financial planning review, or getting notified when WealthBar is open for investing, sign up on the WealthBar site and follow them on Twitter @WealthBar.