Pitch Deck Template & Guidelines

October 10, 2013


Your pitch deck is both a very individual thing and something that should contain the same basic information to give prospective investors / advisors a snapshot of your company.

Dave McClure of 500Startups created a great “How to pitch a VC” guideline / template way back in 2009, and we still use it as the basis for starting all of our pitch decks.

Don’t think of your pitch deck as something that you are literally pitching on stage with. Those kinds of “live” presentations are not going to close an investment - they are designed to get you to your first meeting, win a contest, or otherwise be more theatrical than informational.

How long should your pitch deck be? It’s 10 slides. No, really, it should be 10 slides long. You’ll always be building / tweaking a custom deck for different investors or advisors, and your master deck will have an infinite appendix of additional slides, information, graphs, testimonials, wacky future ideas, and more, but aim for 10 slides as the main part of your pitch.