Vancouver Startup Lawyers

May 25, 2014


We talk about the concept of startup ecosystems a lot. This means a couple of things. One, is that companies and people don’t exist in isolation, they are part of a system. Two, is that there are different parts & members that make up an ecosystem. Professional service providers, such as lawyers and accountants, are needed to make a healthy ecosystem.

Unfortunately, in many cases, these professionals are not used to the needs of early stage companies, or haven’t dealt with a large number of them. This can be a struggle particularly in smaller communities whose tech ecosystems are just emerging.

In Vancouver, we’re lucky enough to have attracted a number of great lawyers that are excellent partners for early stage tech companies and the angel investors that fund them. They understand the standard set of “keep it simple” documents that are needed, how to explain the basics to first time founders, and the right level of pragmatism to just get the deal done.

Below are links to three great firms & lawyers in Vancouver. Not in Vancouver? All the lawyers below are great at collaborating remotely via email and Skype.

Lawson Lundell

LaBarge Weinstein


For more feedback on your favourite Vancouver tech lawyer and to add to the list, head over to Quora.

I encourage companies to add their lawyers to Angel List – and vice versa.

Our portfolio company Contractually is a great tool to use all the great templates that the lawyers above will give you – from consulting agreements, employment contracts to advisor agreements.