This is our list of tools. It’s changing all the time, and we’re always looking for better tools - or better ways of using the tools we already have. Let us know if you’ve got something to add.

Canadian Term Sheets

I’m super inspired by Bryce of open sourcing his term sheets, so it’s about time that I posted the Full Stack term sheets, too.

Vancouver Startup Lawyers

We talk about the concept of startup ecosystems a lot. This means a couple of things. One, is that companies and people don’t exist in isolation, they are part of a system. Two, is that there are different parts & members that make up an ecosystem. Professional service providers, such as lawyers and accountants, are needed to make a healthy ecosystem.

Courting Advisors - A Founder's Guide

This article was originally posted on StartupNorth. It was co-written by Boris and Danny Robinson. It provides background on finding and compensating official advisors. The startup advisor agreement we recommend people use is available in Contractually.

Pitch Deck Template & Guidelines

Your pitch deck is both a very individual thing and something that should contain the same basic information to give prospective investors / advisors a snapshot of your company.

SaaS Budget Template

Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital wrote a great post on financial planning for SaaS startups. We recommend using this template as a way for startups to model their budget / costs (especially headcount) as part of discussing the use of proceeds over a 12 - 18 month period. Our Budgie app will walk you through filling it out.

Cap Table Template

We typically use this cap table template to do scenario planning with startups to help explore and attempt to answer a variety of questions. What will the founder & early employee equity split be? How much will you raise from friends & family? What will your next round / valuation be?

Help Desk

Boris wrote a post on “What Support / Feedback Service Should You Use for Your Small Company” back in Dec 2011, with some updates in April 2012. When you’re just launching your app (and even pre-launch), we 100% recommend Intercom for everything from support to feature requests. The answer as you grow and need things like support SLAs, knowledge bases and so on gets more complicated. Check below for our list of tools & articles »


Intercom is a fantastic tool to engage with your customers. It provides you with a customer dashboard so you don’t have to spend dev hours building a custom one into your app. Then, it installs a support / feature request widget into your app that is truly useful. Finally, it lets you send drip emails to users of your web app.